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Itron Temetra is a Cloud Based Meter Data Management and Collection Solution for Mobile and AMI deployments.  Providing Map Assisted Meter reading on mobile devices, collect and upload data in real time, Increase customer satisfaction and engagement

Itron’s cellular solution offers advanced two-way communications over the latest generation cellular network and is specifically designed for Itron’s AMI Network platform.

Cellular removes the need for hanging infrastructure hardware and expands coverage into pits and building installations.  The Cellular network is an actively managed network designed with redundant network architecture, which provides reliable data transmission and network operation. As a regulated licensed air interface with defined spectrum and operating frequencies, cellular operation helps to eliminates many traditional interference issues that reduce AMI Network efficiency. That higher efficiency directly translates into better AMI network and device performance.

500W modules support two-way communications with 15 – 30 – 60 minute intervals, 160 days of internal datalogging and can support either Itron’s leak sensing solution or Itron’s remote disconnect module.

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5/8" x 1/2" thru 2"

2" - 8"

  • 20 Year Warranty with additional benefits that no other meter manufacturer provides on smaller sizes

  •  New meter accuracy over the life of the meter assuring no loss of revenue 

  • Battery lifetime up to 20 years

  • Protection class IP 68 - submersible conditions and put installation

  • Does not measure Dirt or Sand that is suspended in water to affect meter accuracy. 

  • 5/8” thru 1”:  No Lead Brass

  • 1-1/2” & 2”:  Stainless Steel

  • AMI, AMR and Cellular System ready

  • No moving parts

  • Ultra-Low Flow Measurement:  Allows for all your water usage and revenue

  • Very high quality meter at an affordable price

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Water Meter Remote Shut-off Options

Remote shut-off valves provide the water utility the capability to inexpensively, securely and remotely manage a customer's connection to the water supply while being controlled through the AquaHawk or SET applications.

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U-IoT Sensors warn instantly of citywide water leaks in real-time. Undetected water leaks are often a disaster, damaging underground infrastructure
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Submetering Solutions 
for Mobile Home and Apartment Complexes


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